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MFA created a way to easily send aid to Syria using Amazon. With your existing Amazon account, you can order items from MFA's relief supplies list like any other purchase. Then, MFA and its partners will handle sending the supplies to those in need in Syria.

Click below to see MFA's page on Amazon. You can help send aid to Syria today.

Harnessing MFA's

network to collect

relief supplies.

Working on the ground with our partners is critical to ensuring that the most urgently needed aid is given priority and that there is no diversion. We update the relief supplies list whenever our NGO partners alter us that the needs in Syria have changed.


MFA's unique humanitarian aid programs allow to help provide life-saving aid to those in need in Syria.

How It Works


Browse MFA's relief supplies list. Purchase items as you would any other order. Amazon will deliver it to our partner NGO's warehouse. Then, the items will be packed into a shipping container to send to Syria.

Shipped To Syria

MFA facilitates container shipments to Syria through its humanitarian aid program. We work with Syrian NGOs that are on the ground to deliver the right aid to the right place.