Multifaith Alliance Statement On The Pope's Visit To Jordan

New York, NY, May 26, 2014 … The Multi-Faith Alliance for Syrian Refugees in Jordan hailed Pope Francis for highlighting the dire plight of Syrian refugees in Jordan during his historic trip to the Holy Land. In a statement, Multi-Faith Alliance founder and president Dr. Georgette Bennett said: “We applaud Pope Francis for bringing crucial attention and support to the worst humanitarian crisis of the 21st Century – the plight of hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees suffering from the violent war raging in their homeland. “We sincerely hope the Pope’s actions will refocus the world’s attention on this humanitarian disaster. The Multi-Faith Alliance stands ready to work with the Pope and a

Pope Francis Gets A Firsthand Look At The Plight Of Syrian Refugees

The Associated Press Pope Francis called for an "urgent" end to the Syrian civil war and the refugee crisis it has spawned as he opened a three-day trip to the Middle East. Francis deviated from his prepared remarks to make a strong plea for peace during his first day in Jordan, praying for God to "convert those who seek war, those who make and sell weapons!" The appeal came during a meeting with refugees, just moments after the pontiff bent down at the Jordan River, where some believe was the site of Jesus' baptism, and touched the waters. And it capped an intense day at the start of his first visit as pope to the Holy Land. "Vive il papa," a group of schoolchildren waving Vatican flags sho

Multi-Faith Alliance Newsletter

Dear Friends, Sadly, we report that Jordan has opened another massive camp because of the continuing flood of Syrian refugees. The new Azraq refugee camp can house 130,000 people, and formally opened on April 30. It's 62 miles east of Jordan's capital, Amman. This enormous complex will operate in addition to existing Syrian refugee camps like Zaatari. Within months, the Azraq camp is expected to have more people than Zaatari, which is currently the second largest refugee camp on Earth. . . and the fourth largest city in Jordan. Jordan's foreign minister offered a grim observation: "Today, we open yet another camp ... This is not a celebration, the celebration is when we close the camps and

Christian Science Monitor: UN Hopes Its Second Syrian Refugee Camp In Jordan Gets It Right

By Nicholas Seeley, Correspondent / May 1, 2014 AZRAQ, JORDAN -- In a remote, windswept corner of Jordan’s eastern desert, a new city is springing up, one that aims to avoid the mistakes of its precursor 60 kilometers to the east. This week the United Nations and Jordan's government opened Azraq, Jordan's latest refugee camp for Syrians. When filled, as it almost certainly will be, it will hold 130,000 people, surpassing the existing camp in Zaatari, currently the world's second-largest refugee camp and Jordan's fourth largest city. The area around Azraq is desolate. The featureless plain makes even the desert scrub of Zaatari seem lush. But the harsh surroundings belie a carefully planned c

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