Syrian families struggle to survive in Jordan’s cities [VIDEO]

December 23, 2014 by The IRC In Jordan, more than 70 percent of Syrian refugees live in towns and cities, struggling to make ends meet without jobs or money to pay for rent, heat, food, medical care and other essentials. Jordan hosts over half a million Syrians fleeing from the almost four-year civil war in their country. “My children left school so that they can work and pay rent. They took on plenty of responsibility although they were only kids,” says one Syrian woman living in Jordan. “Two to three months go by and we don't have enough money for rent. We borrow from my son's boss at work.” In this video, meet families struggling to cope as refugees in urban Jordan. To see more and re

IRC statement on renewal of UN Security Council resolution 2165 on humanitarian access in Syria

17 Dec 2014 - David Miliband, President & CEO of the International Rescue Committee, said: “Today’s decision by the Security Council to renew resolution 2165 is an essential one. The resolution has secured some more aid for the long-suffering Syrian people, but their needs are growing faster than the aid is arriving. The resolution reaffirms the instruction to UN agencies and other humanitarian organizations to deliver aid to meet massive need in Syria – by working from neighboring countries and across conflict lines. Now the international community must act to ensure that the resolution secures real gains on the ground for every single person requiring assistance. The Syrian people can wai

Inside the Battle for Homs, Syria

(@WSJ: Homs, Syria, serves as a warning of what can happen when sectarian passions are unleashed By Sam Dagher, Nour Malas and Sarah Slobin HOMS, Syria—For many, Homs once represented the best of the Middle East, an ancient city where people of different faiths, Christian and Muslim, did their best to live in peace. But Syria’s Arab Spring, which began here as a defiant civic exercise, soon exploded into one of the world’s bloodiest battlefields — a warning of what can happen when the region’s sectarian passions are unleashed. In this Wall Street Journal special project, families from different sides of the conflict try to understand how it all fell apart. Ismael Yous

Syrian airstrikes pound Idlib after loss of base, killing 50

The Daily Star BEIRUT: Syrian airstrikes Tuesday targeted two hospitals and a besieged rebel enclave near the city of Homs, killing at least 50 people, anti-regime activists said. The strikes came a day after Nusra Front and Ahrar al-Sham insurgents overran a large military base in northwest Idlib province, leaving nearly 200 combatants dead. Eight airstrikes pounded several areas of Idlib province including the Wadi Deif complex which was seized by the insurgents, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a U.K.-based, anti-regime monitoring group. The group said that airstrikes in and around the town of Maaret al-Numan, which is located next to the base, killed 10 people. Strik

I grew up with hate, but Israeli aid changed that

By Josh Jackman, December 11, 2014 SEE THE PRINT ARTICLE HERE A Syrian Kurdish refugee in a camp in Suruc, near the Turkey-Syria border A Syrian aid worker brought up to hate the Jewish state but now working with an Israeli humanitarion aid organisation says the civil war is a chance to bring the nations together. Amin Ahmed says that by helping some of Syria's 3.1 million refugees, Israel can "change everything". Mr Ahmed, who has helped refugees since the conflict began in 2011, said: "There are moments in history where it's very important to act, because then you make the biggest difference. This is a moment. Out of this great tragedy and crisis in Syria, you can change a lot of people's

Refugee Despair

The Jerusalem Post Kenneth Bandler December 8, 2014 Millions of them managed to escape the violence that has consumed their country, finding relative safety in what they hope will only be temporary quarters, but they now face another dire threat – the prospect of starvation. The World Food Program (WFP) halted aid to desperate Syrians on December 1. The UN agency has insufficient funds to continue feeding an estimated 1.7 million Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. “Suspension of WFP food assistance will be disastrous for many already suffering families,” said Ertharin Cousin, its executive director. “A suspension of WFP food assistance will endanger the health and safety of the

Briefings for Members of the British Parliament, December 8-10, 2014

​MFA Founder, Dr. Georgette Bennett, and MFA Syrian and Israeli Associates, Amin Ahmed and Anat Gilan, travelled to London to give briefings to members of the British Parliament and others on the ongoing Syrian crisis. This important meeting helped alert U.K. officials to the new Track II diplomacy work emerging between Syrian and Israeli civil society members. Read more about their story here:

War and hunger: Scott Pelley reports on the men and women of the World Food Programme who are riskin

The beginning of the transcript for this segment on 60 Minutes: "While we're giving thanks for the feast this weekend let's not leave out what may be one of the best ideas that America ever had. It's called the World Food Programme -- the emergency first responder to hunger anywhere on the globe. The United Nations launched WFP in 1961 at the urging of the United States. And today the U.S. government pays the biggest part of the bill as the World Food Programme feeds 80 million people a year. Its greatest challenges come when it confronts war and hunger. And that's what's happening today in Syria where you will find heroes of the World Food Programme saving the most vulnerable people in what

Caritas gives hope to Syrian/Iraqi refugees in Jordan

(Vatican Radio) Vatican Radio sends its journalists on assignment in Jordan to investigate the Catholic charity, Caritas' work among tens of thousands of Syrian and Iraqi refugees. In this, part two of Tracey McClure's series of programs and interviews, she goes to northern Jordan. Thirty pairs of eyes swiveled to look at us as we came through the door. Mostly women, in their twenties to their fifties - most wearing the traditional Muslim Hijab headscarf and a few the Niqab: only their eyes peeking out of a slender opening in dark cloth. A man and his son were the only males in the room. I was visiting the bustling Caritas Jordan center in the northern city of Zarqa and these were Syrian

Young Syrian refugee tells Pope, 'pray for us and pray for peace'

Syrian refugee Sarah, 14, displays a painting she made for Pope Francis. Credit: Daniel Ibanez/CNA. By Elise Harris and Andrea Gagliarducci Istanbul, Turkey, Nov 28, 2014 / 11:39 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Currently a living as a refugee at a Salesian school in Istanbul, 14-year-old Sarah will give Pope Francis a picture that she painted, and says that she will ask him to pray for world peace. “My name is Sarah, and I made this picture in the name of the school to give it to the Pope. This is my picture with Jesus and Don Bosco, and here we have the glow of Don Bosco and the Sun of Jesus,” Sarah told CNA Nov. 27. Originally from Aleppo, Sarah has been living with her family as a refugee in I

Little flutist plays to keep hope alive, feed his family

By Joe Duran and Simon Rushton, CNN updated 12:33 PM EST, Thu November 27, 2014 (CNN) -- In the busy streets, shoppers and workers rush by the homeless little boy with a flute -- some dropping change, but most ignoring him. Sitting on the sidewalk in Istanbul, Turkey, his head is barely above knee height of the adults around him. But he plays on -- for hours, knowing that each coin or note can help his family survive another day. The flute is a cheap one, but it is key to their struggle. The money he makes -- usually about $10 a day -- will help feed his mom and four siblings. The family escaped the horrors of war in Aleppo, Syria, and he says they now live in a park. He does not say which p

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