Press Release: Syrian Refugees Facing New Threat From Landmines, warns Multifaith Alliance

September 17, 2015 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Syrian Refugees Facing New Threat From Landmines, warns Multifaith Alliance NEW YORK, Sept. 16 – Tens of thousands of Syrian refugees face risk from unexploded landmines as they desperately seek an alternative route to a safe haven to avoid Hungary’s new anti-refugee policies, the Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees warned today. “We call on the international community and especially the European Union to take responsibility and find a safe route for these growing number of refugees who are fleeing a war zone, only to face harm from the remnants of another war,” said Multifaith Alliance founder Dr. Georgette Bennett. “Because Hungary has closed it

Migrants injured in stampede as hundreds of refugees charge into Croatian town

From the Daily News Dozens of Syrian migrants were trampled and injured Thursday when hundreds of refugees burst through Croatian police lines in their continued, chaotic hunt for asylum. The mad rush in the eastern Croatia town of Tovarnik sent local cops ducking behind trees to avoid the surging crowd trying to land precious seats aboard departing buses and trains. Most cited Germany as their ultimate destination, and all were bent on reaching Western Europe. “I want to be out of here as soon as possible,” said Syrian migrant Khalid Nsar of Damascus. “I want to go to Germany, and nobody’s going to stop me.” The migrants — close to 10,000 in two days — descended on Croatia one day after Hun

On Refugees, Jews Caught Between Care And Fear

From The Jewish Week For the past two years, the organized Jewish community has raised more than $500,000 for humanitarian groups in Jordan helping Syrian refugees there. Two weeks ago, it started helping those descending on Europe. But following President Barack Obama’s action last week authorizing the resettlement of at least 10,000 Syrian refugees in the U.S. over the next year (on top of the 1,500 Syrian refugees already resettled here), several Jewish leaders are urging caution. The warning comes even as some congregations here are seeking to sponsor Syrian refugees arriving in the U.S. The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism is one of about 40 national Jewish organizations that be

We Must Turn Our Empathy for Syrian Refugees Into Action

While little shocks us these days, one cannot help but be shaken by the stories emerging from the unfolding refugee crisis. The image of Alan Kurdi, who drowned off Turkey's coast on September 2nd, strikes a raw nerve in the heart of every parent. So too does the knowledge that, for every horrible image of a refugee who died in a failed attempt to reach Europe, countless more await help throughout the Middle East. Within Canada's Jewish community, the notion that millions have fled the violence in Syria ignites within us an instinctive need to take action. Several months ago, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) met with the Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees, and we have sin

With world watching refugees, Jewish coalition sees chance to boost aid

From The Times of Israel Long hampered by lack of funds, international Jewish relief organizations hope to draw empathy — and donations — for new programs in Europe They call the main drag in Za’atari the “Champs Elysees.” Like the famous Parisian boulevard, this Jordanian thoroughfare is also lined with shops and food vendors. But instead of Louis Vuitton, Guerlain or Lacoste, on offer at the Syrian refugee camp are modest tea shanties and falafel stands, and creative homemade shack industries providing services from wedding dress rentals (10 dinars) to travel bookings. Located in Jordan’s desert plane, today Za’atari is home to some 80,000-85,000 Syrian refugees — 80 percent of whom are wo

Refugee crisis: ‘Love the stranger because you were once strangers’ calls us now

From The Guardian The world has a unique opportunity to show that the ideals for the which the European Union were formed are still compelling, compassionate and humane Jonathan Sacks: ‘Even small humanitarian gestures can pierce the darkness and light a flame of hope.’ Photograph: David Sillitoe for the Guardian You would have to be less than human not to be moved by images of the refugee crisis threatening to overwhelm Europe: the scenes in Budapest, the 71 bodies found in the abandoned lorry in Austria, the 200 people drowned when their boat capsized off the coast in Libya and, most heartbreaking of all, the body of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi, lifeless on a Turkish shore: an image that wi

Press Release: Multifaith Alliance Decries Death of 3-Year-Old Syrian; Calls for Emergency Global Ac

Contact: Rabbi Eric J. Greenberg Mobile: 917 447 2007 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MULTIFAITH ALLIANCE DECRIES DEATH OF 3-YEAR-OLD SYRIAN; CALLS FOR EMERGENCY GLOBAL ACTION TO RESETTLE WAR VICTIMS New York, N.Y. Sept. 4, 2015 - In response to the tragic drowning death—captured in photos—of a 3-year-old Syrian toddler trying to escape war-torn Syria, the Multifaith Alliance is calling for world leaders to immediately implement a global emergency plan to resettle millions of Syrian war victims. “The heartbreaking photos of Aylan are a devastating symbol of the utter failure of the world community to respond to this humanitarian disaster,” said Dr. Georgette Benn

A Syrian Refugee and Echoes of the Past

Under the Assad regime, we never learned about the Holocaust or the refugee ship St. Louis Op-ed in the Wall Street Journal Syrian refugees coming ashore on the Greek island Lesbos, Sept. 3. Photo: angelos tzortzinis/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images A 3-year-old Syrian boy washed up on a Turkish beach this week, after he and other refugees drowned trying to reach Europe. Photos of the child, Aylan Kurdi, face down in the sand wearing a tiny red T-shirt and sneakers, captured world attention on Thursday. It is the latest reminder for me, a Muslim who fled my home in Syria several years ago, of the civil war’s horrors. My thoughts then turned to those who never got out. Recently in the U.S. C

If these extraordinarily powerful images of a dead Syrian child washed up on a beach don’t change Eu

From the Independent The boy was part of a group of 11 Syrians who drowned off the coastal town of Bodrum in Turkey after an apparent failed attempt to flee the war ravaged country The pictures show a small boy lying face down in the sand on a Turkish beach as an official stands over him. The child, who is thought to be Syrian, has drowned in an apparent attempt to flee the war ravaging his country. They are extraordinary images and serve as a stark reminder that, as European leaders increasingly try to prevent refugees and migrants from settling in the continent, more and more refugees are dying in their desperation to flee persecution and reach safety. The Independent has taken the decisio

ISIS' Latest Crime Against Civilization: "UNESCO chief: IS destruction of Syrian temple &#3

BEIRUT (AP) — The head of the U.N. cultural agency says Islamic State militants in Syria committed an "intolerable crime against civilization" by destroying the Temple of Bel, one of the ancient world's most iconic monuments. The militants used explosives to destroy the two-millennia-old temple in the ancient city of Palmyra on Sunday. The destruction was confirmed by U.N. satellite images. UNESCO chief Irina Bokova said Tuesday that her agency will try to protect "all that can be saved" in the group's reach. IS captured Palmyra and surrounding areas in May. IS militants have imposed a violent interpretation of Islamic law across a self-declared "caliphate" straddling Syria and Iraq, and say

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