For Syrian Refugees, It's Still a Ban

At the conclusion of the 120-day ban on refugee resettlement imposed in March, the Administration issued yet another Executive Order (EO) on October 24 which would restart the United States Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) except for refugees from 11 mostly Muslim-majority countries. Syria is one of these countries. These eleven nationalities comprise roughly half of refugee arrivals in Fiscal Year 2017, and likely a higher percentage of those already in the Fiscal Year 2018 pipeline. For these refugees, another 90-day review period, a hallmark of the new EO, will bar virtually all entries indefinitely. For all refugees, the EO adds multiple new onerous vetting requirements which will af

Call to Action: Tell Congress & the White House That You Oppose Latest Refugee Ban

URGENT: TAKE ACTION TODAY! REFUGEES MAKE AMERICA STRONGER Tell Congress & the White House That You OPPOSE Latest Refugee Ban The Administration has issued a new Executive Order that would ban refugees from 11 countries – including Syria – for 90 days, in addition to the 120-day refugee ban that expired on October 24th. It would also indefinitely suspend the “following-to-join” process that has permitted many refugees to rejoin their families and immediately impose new, difficult, mandatory screening procedures for all refugees. The courts have repeatedly blocked the Muslim and refugee bans, but this Executive Order is an end-run around those injunctions. Make no mistake – this is still a re

Strike Three – Hawaii and Maryland Courts Block Implementation of Third Travel Ban

Protesters at the #NoMuslimBanEver march in Washington, D.C. on October 18, 2017 In September, the Administration issued a third travel ban affecting six Muslim-majority countries (Syria, Chad, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, and Iran), as well as North Korea and Venezuela. (You’ll recall that implementation of two former Executive Orders was largely blocked by two federal Courts of Appeals, and a hearing before the Supreme Court had been scheduled for October.) In view of the issuance of the Administration’s third Executive Order, the Supreme Court determined not to hear arguments before it on the first two orders and "vacated" lower court rulings on this subject. Nevertheless, the ban on refugees c

MFA Founder Dr. Georgette Bennett Joins Jury for "Film Your Issue" Campaign

Dr. Georgette Bennett Joins Distinguished Jury for Film Your Issue 2018 Global Campaign ~ ages 8 to 22 are welcome to participate ~ Overseer of the International Rescue Committee and Founder of Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees Dr. Georgette Bennett Joins illustrious VIP Jury for relaunched iconic youth civic-engagement initiative Film Your Issue 2018 Dr. Georgette Bennett, founder of the Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees, a project of the Tides Center, and Overseer of the International Rescue Committee, has joined the illustrious VIP Jury roster for the relaunching of the iconic youth civic engagement and empowerment initiative Film Your Issue for 2018. Film Your issue,

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