Supreme Court hears oral arguments on travel ban

The Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees (MFA) joined immigrant rights groups and activists outside the Supreme Court on Wednesday, April 25 as oral arguments in Trump v. Hawaii began to decide whether the administration’s travel ban executive order violates federal law. In its third iteration, the travel ban targets primarily people of Muslim-majority countries. The travel ban prevents them from reuniting with family, studying in the United States, seeking medical care in the U.S., and other activities that others are permitted to do under immigration law. Representatives of the Administration have argued that the policy is not a Muslim ban, but that it is necessary to protect national s

MFA Statement on the Chemical Attack in Douma

The Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees strongly condemns the apparent use of deadly chemical weapons in an attack on Douma, a city outside Damascus, on April 7th. At least 42 people have been killed, with hundreds more affected, in what appears to be yet another heinous use of banned chemical weapons on the Syrian civilian population. The Syrian civil war recently entered its eighth year with no respite for civilians and no end in sight to the humanitarian disaster. As a network of more than 90 faith-based and secular organizations, we urge the international community to rise up against these atrocities, which so contravene our most fundamental moral principles. We call on Congress, the

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