Syrian Voices | Osman al-Haj Osman

The Doctor in Germany: Osman al-Haj Osman In 2012, Dr. Osman al-Haj Osman worked as a senior doctor at a front-line hospital in Aleppo, under bombardment by the Syrian government forces. At Dar al-Shifa hospital, Osman treated the people wounded by the warfare and bombardment by Syrian forces. The Syrian government bombed the hospital six times between August and November 2012, claiming it was a "terrorist hideout," but provided no warning before the attack. The bombardment struck the hospital and the immediate vicinity at least eight times. The attack on November 21 killed at least 15 people, including four members of the volunteer medical staff. After the hospital closed due to the bombing

Trump Should Uphold the Syrian Cease-Fire He Negotiated

Say what you will about President Trump, no one ever accused him of a lack of chutzpah. For good or ill, he can make pronouncements no one else does and take actions that no other leader would even consider—like meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jung Un. And, whenever a foreign leader does something he doesn't like—be it Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, or Angela Merkel —President Trump will call them out. Yet, the President’s trademark chutzpah has been MIA in Syria. Unfortunately, this lack of chutzpah will harm U.S. interests across the Middle East. It will empower Iran, destabilize Jordan, and harm Israel, the country President Trump called America’s greatest friend. The President mus

Syrian Voices | Zeinab Shurom

The Gymnast in Aleppo: Zeinab Shurom Zeinab Shurom​ started training for gymnastics at eight-years-old. Her interest in the sport started from watching videos on YouTube. Zeinab's father supported her interest in gymnastics. He opened a small sports center in central Aleppo, where children in their community could train with coaches. In December 2016, the escalating war changed everything. Airstrikes killed some of her friends from school and gymnastics. After the airstrikes, she and her family fled for rural Aleppo, closing the sports center. For months after their escape, Zeinab suffered from the trauma of losing her friends and a normal life. Now, as a twelve-year-old, Zeinab dreams of a

Syrian Voices | Am Malik

The Bombing in Daraa: Am Malik Last week, as airstrikes rained down on Daraa governate — a large metropolitan area in southwestern Syria — and more than 160,000 fled their homes, Am Malik, a Syrian refugee from Daraa, sat down with Ahed Festuk, MFA's Assistant Coordinator of Public Outreach, in New York City to tell her story. A mother of five young children, Am Malik and her family lived through previous bombings in Daraa. They experienced tanks rumbling by their home and firing shells into the night. She and her immediate family fled to Jordan in 2013, and ultimately resettled in New York in 2016. However, the remainder of her family stayed in Daraa, and at the time of the video, were u

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