MFA Statement Strongly Condemning the Recruitment and Use of Children in the Syrian Conflict

MFA Statement Strongly Condemning the Recruitment and Use of Children in the Syrian Conflict The Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees (MFA) stands with remarks by Panos Moumtzis, United Nations Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Syria Crisis, on the Secretary General’s Country Report on Children and Armed Conflict in Syria, 2013 - 2015 in strongly condemning the recruitment and use of children in the Syrian war. The recently released Secretary General’s report underscores the yearly increase in grave violations against children by all parties to the conflict active in Syria. According to the report, in the first six months of 2018, one in four recruited children involved boys and g

Action Alert: Call Congress for the Caesar Bill

Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act The Caesar bill is a bipartisan bill that prohibits the transfer of arms and materials to Syria that would likely be used to commit additional human rights abuses. It highlights the atrocities carried out by Assad and his allies, compelling accountability for these crimes by guaranteeing the collection and preservation of evidence for human rights abuses that have taken place in Syria. It also imposes comprehensive sanctions on the Assad regime and its allies for human rights abuses and attacks against Syrian civilians. Moreover, it requires a 90-day administration review of potentially establishing a no-fly zone to protect Syrian civilians caught up in

A Message from F. Murray Abraham

Our Shared Humanity... My father's parents came to America in the 1920s because there was a famine in Syria. America saved their lives — it’s as simple as that. And for that, I am deeply grateful. Now, I constantly balance my good fortune against the darkness I see in my grandparents’ war-torn homeland. The numbers are staggering – an estimated 500,000 killed; 13 million people trapped in besieged and hard to reach areas; and 6.6 million have been forced from their homes. The Syrian people desperately need our help. Facing the Assad Regime, and Russia and Iranian-backed forces, their needs grow ever more intense. This is why I support the Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees (MFA). MFA is

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