September 27, 2019

On Thursday, the Trump administration announced its plans to reduce refugee resettlement to an all-time low of 18,000 persons for 2020. This is a 40% reduction from the historically low cap for 2019, which permitted the admission of only 30,000 refugees. The new figure is a stunning rejection of a time-honored policy that for many years permitted the resettlement of at least 95,000 refugees annually.

There is also an accompanying executive order that would allow state and local jurisdictions to deny refugee resettlement in their communities, despite having been approved for resettlement in the United States.

The current refugee crisis has reached staggering levels. More than 70.8 million people have been forcibly displaced worldwide, and 37,000 people are forced to flee their homes every day due to conflict or persecution.

Syrians continue to be the largest forcibly displaced population in the world, with a total of 13 million people exiled by the end of 2018. This represents more than ha...

September 26, 2019

Support The GRACE Act

This year the United States will have allowed less than 30,000 refugees to resettle in the US. Moreover, we are looking at the possibility of the Trump Administration seeking to completely zero out all resettlement possibilities in the upcoming year. This puts in danger the world’s already most vulnerable groups including Syrians so desperate to flee their country’s nine-year war.

The GRACE Act, a bicameral bill introduced by Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D.CA.) in the House of Representatives and Senator Ed Markey (D.MA.) in the Senate, seeks to restore American’s strong tradition of a robust quota of 95,000 refugees being permitted to resettle in the US each year.

Send an email to your legislators with one click.

Help MFA gain support for this important bill. Tell Congress to ensure that the U.S. admits at least 95,000 refugees each year by supporting The #GRACEActNow. Click the Find Legislators link below to send a tailored message to your legislators in support of this vital...

September 19, 2019

Syria: The Deliberate Bombing of Medical Facilities Demands an Interfaith Response

Summer and Labor Day have come and gone. Religious leaders of all faiths are welcoming their flocks back from vacation, with no lack of topics to discuss. However, there is one – the “weaponization” of healthcare in Syria – that simply demands the attention of religious leaders and their congregations to speak out against a “strategy of war” that defies every notion of human decency.

The statistics in Syria are mind-numbing. In nine years, over 500,00 have been killed; 6.6 million internally displaced; 13.1 million inside the country are in need of aid. Recent bombing in Idlib by Russia and the Assad Regime, has forced 750,000 from their homes, often to live in the open, without tents or shelter of any kind.

This “new normal” in Syria now evokes scant international press coverage, and remarkably little public attention. Syria is just too complex; an insoluble morass. So many international interests – Russia...

September 18, 2019


A demonstration in Washington D.C. on February 4th, 2017 against the Muslim Ban. (Photo by Ted Eytan @tedeytan)

After two-year hiatus, Congress will hold hearing on Muslim Ban

WASHINGTON, DC — On Tuesday, Sept. 24, Congress will hold a historic hearing on President Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban, a policy that continues to tear families apart. The Muslim ban enacted by President Trump’s Executive Order, prevents nationals from five Muslim-majority countries — Syria, Yemen, Iran, Libya, Somalia — as well as North Korea and Venezuela from applying for a visa to enter the United States.

The hearing, entitled “Oversight of the Trump Administration’s Muslim Ban,” will be the first congressional hearing on the Muslim Ban—taking place over two years after the ban was enacted. The House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee will jointly convene it with Oversight and Investigations and the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Citizenship.

The hearing will highlight the NO BAN Act (H.R....

September 12, 2019

Call To Action | Call Congress to Stand Up for U.S. Refugee Resettlement

Right now, the Trump administration is considering setting the refugee admissions goal for Fiscal Year 2020, and some administration officials have proposed resettling zero refugees next year. This would decimate the bipartisan refugee resettlement program and follows FY19’s historically low goal of 30,000.

The administration has already been dismantling the refugee resettlement program and is planning to grant authority to states and localities to deny refugee resettlement in their communities, undermining U.S. law and violating our nation’s commitment to welcome the most vulnerable refugees.

By law, the administration must consult with Congress by the end of September, prior to setting the refugee admissions goal, which means Members of Congress can and must make their voices heard. It is critical that members of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees, who are in charge of consulting with the administration, h...

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