Let's Give Refugees Another Way to Safety

Escalating violence in Libya, Syria and north Africa has forced thousands of refugees to run for their lives. 1,700 people have died attempting to cross the Mediterranean this year. Our government, and the rest of the EU, has done almost nothing to protect them.

That's not good enough. But there could be another way.

Sign our petition if you want to see the UK lead the way in protecting these refugees by:

  • Increasing resettlement places for people forced to flee

  • Tackling the root causes of the refugee crisis through diplomacy and aid

What’s the problem?

In just one recent week, 1,500 men, women and children drowned in the Mediterranean Sea in a desperate attempt to reach Europe.

These refugees, who've fled from countries like Syria and Eritrea, know how dangerous this journey is. Many have already lost friends to the crossing. But they continue to risk their lives because this journey is their only hope.

You can help give these refugees another way to safety

Resettlement programmes, like those run by the United Nations, give vulnerable refugees from countries like Syria a new start in a safe country.

But with precious few places, many refugees feel that waiting for resettlement is hopeless. Last year, the UK only accepted 787 resettled refugees – including just 34 families from the conflict in Syria.

In just seven days, Britain will have a new government. If they commit to increasing resettlement places and tackling the root causes of this crisis, they can ask the rest of Europe to do the same - helping thousands of refugees not to risk their lives on this perilous crossing.

In the past, Britain rescued refugees from wars in Kosovo, Bosnia and Vietnam. Now it’s time for us to lead the way once again. Read our Q&A to find out more about how Britain can help.

Please sign our petition and show our new government, the rest of Europe and refugees themselves that another way is possible.



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