MFA Thanks You for Your Support in 2015

Thank you.

Dear Friend, The New Year will mark five years since the war began in Syria. With its unceasing escalation last year, hundreds of thousands more refugees fled to the relative safety of neighboring countries and Europe. Too many did not survive the journey. For those who did, there were new dangers: starvation, hypothermia, medical issues arising from trauma and unsafe living conditions. And then, like a beacon in the gloom, you were there. A baby snuggled into a blanket from you. Young children and their mother started the day with a warm breakfast from you. A team of doctors organized by you gave a prosthetic arm to a toddler. A dad who had all but given up hope of protecting his family heard you say, "I’m here to help." And that help saved lives. You did all this and so much more. When you visited and clicked on the "GET INVOLVED" tab, you said to the world, and to those who needed you, “I will not stand silent. I will do what I can – to alleviate suffering and to resolve the underlying crisis.” No words adequately can thank you for transmuting despair into hope for the families you helped; for insisting the world pay attention to the flood of refugees without places to go; for pursuing positive policy changes and resisting bigotry contrary to our heritage. What words can capture the hope you have created on the ground, meeting both immediate needs and laying the groundwork for a better tomorrow? What formula can calculate the global effect of a fresh belief in the fundamental decency in all of us? You are the source of that belief. You are the essence of what it means to be involved. When you chose to make a donation, sign the petition, write to your congressperson, promote positive messaging, you demonstrated the best of humanity, showing courage against the xenophobic thinking that corrupts American values. The Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees, a project of Tanenbaum in cooperation with JDC, is unswerving in its commitment to alleviate the suffering of those ravaged by this war, heighten awareness of the danger of indifference, and advance future stability in the region. With your continued support we can accomplish our comprehensive goals. Please stay involved. The world needs more like you. We extend deepest appreciation for your support, and with it, our renewed hope that the New Year brings us closer to peace in Syria. Until then, may we, as the sons and daughters of liberty, welcome to our shores these “poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free” – just as we once were. With gratitude,

Georgette F. Bennett, Ph.D. Founder Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees A project of the TANENBAUM Center for Interreligious Understanding in Cooperation with JDC c/o Tanenbaum | 254 W 31st Street, Fl 7 | New York, NY 10001 Tel 212-967-7707 ext. 105 | Fax 212-876-8351 | | PS: Please visit for a detailed record of what you and we have achieved this year, and please forward our website to your friends. If they are like you, we need them.


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