Imam Zaza's Reflection on Ramadan

As proscribed by Islamic tradition, the Holy month of Ramadan is a 30 day period of fasting from sunrise to sunset. This month is a reminder of our humanity and how important it is to remember to give Zakaat (charity) if you are able and to take care of those who do not have the proper means. We are a community that is the most important message during Ramadan to instill togetherness. Rahma Relief Foundation is a non profit humanitarian organization dedicated to serving individuals who are in dire need. Our assistance is in various forms however this Holy month of Ramadan is unique. Throughout Ramadan we are sponsoring iftar dinners at a local mosque as well as distributing Ramadan Food Packages to families who need extra support. Our objective is to make sure that we distribute and make as many meals so every individual is able to break their fast on a delicious meal at the end of every fasting day.

- Imam Chadi Zaza, President, Rahma Relief Foundation


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