Stand with Refugees

As we approach World Refugee Day on June 20th, we have an opportunity to honor the contributions and gifts refugees bring to our communities each day. Right now, more than 21 million refugees have been forced from their homes, more than any other time in history. More than 5 million are Syrian. The need to live out our nation's values and welcome refugees has never been more urgent. Now is the time to take a stand to ensure our elected leaders hear our bold, collective,moral call to welcome more refugees in the United States. In the lead up to World Refugee Day, we commemorate the profound experiences and resilience of refugees around the world. Join us the week of June 12th-16th and tell Congress to stand with refugees. Help us reach our goal of making 100,000 calls to Congress!

Raise Your Voice June 12th – June 16th: Call Your Members of Congress at 1-844-4STAND5

Here’s what you can say: “In honor of World Refugee Day, I am calling in support of welcoming refugees to the United States. I urge Congress to welcome more refugees to the U.S. next year and provide adequate funding levels to assist refugees worldwide.”

Feel free to share a personal story about the importance of refugees to you, your faith, your community, your business, etc. Let them know the specific ways that refugees benefit and are welcomed into your community, and why refugee protection is so important to you. Tweet your policy makers:

Tweet your networks: “Stand #withrefugees & tell lawmakers to welcome more refugees in the US! Call now: 1-844-4STAND5! #RefugeesWelcome #GreaterAs1

Stand With Refugees Throughout June 2017!

  1. Before June 12th: Text “STAND” to 313131 to receive resources and a reminder to call 1-844-4-STAND5 from June 12th-16th.

  2. Print out the flyer and post it prominently in your office, and highlight the campaign in your newsletters, email communications, and social media feeds. To download the social media toolkit, please click here.

  3. Celebrate refugees on World Refugee Day June 20th, and tell us about your World Refugee Day events by filling out this form and light up the map.

  4. Local businesses and employers are invited to join as a partner in the Stand With Refugees campaign. Organizations and businesses interested in partnering with us, please email

  5. Tell your own story through homemade videos, encourage your networks to participate, and tweet your Members of Congress with your video! Homemade videos make an impact. This video became a CNN story. For sample tweets, videos, and other resources, click here.


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