MFA Statement on 2018 Refugee Cap

“Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor…”


Today’s Presidential Report to Congress indicating that the United States intends to cap refugee resettlement admissions at 45,000 for FY 18 is nearly a 60% cut from last year’s 110,000. This historic low at a time of historically high levels of displacement is “tragic, driven by fear rather than facts, politics rather than principle,” said Dr. Georgette Bennett, founder of the Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees (MFA), a project of the Tides Center. Any number fewer than 75,000 – itself a compromise – undermines the moral authority of the United States and unnecessarily exacerbates human suffering. “We are giving the cold shoulder to the ‘huddled masses’ who need us more than ever and we are endangering American security and values. This decision will speak volumes on the global stage: America is abdicating its foreign policy leadership; its faith-based values of ‘helping the stranger;’ and the economic benefits we indisputably reap from refugees,” she said. “Additionally, ISIS is fueled by this blatant disregard, threatening rather than enhancing our national security.” In the face of this Presidential Determination, MFA will seek remedial Congressional attention and continue to advocate for refugee policies that are humane, fact-based and pragmatic, and protect our national security.

The Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees (MFA), a project of the Tides Center, is a coalition of nearly 90 faith-based and secular organizations. MFA’s mission is to mobilize the interfaith response to the Syrian humanitarian crisis, raise funds to alleviate suffering, cultivate partnerships to advance future stability in the region, advocate for sensible and humane refugee policies, and create awareness of the facts, the needs, and the opportunities for positive action.


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Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees is a project of the Tides Center 
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