Eid al-Adha Greetings from Northern Syria

"So many people are displaced, so what kind of Eid is this?" While Eid al-Adha is meant to be a joyous time of the year, in northern Syria, many families have been forced to spend the holiday in displacement. In Idlib alone, some 2.5 million people are living under harsh conditions.

Residents in the suburbs of Idlib and Aleppo shared their reflections on living in displacement and separated from their families during the holiday. "[Families] used to visit each other, but most of them are displaced outside Syria or inside, that causes a lot of pain," said one resident of a northwestern suburb in Syria.

Family separation has had negative effects on Syrians displaced by the war. According to a 2018 UN report, family separation has damaged or broken social connections, with less capacity to support one another. In addition, women have increasingly become the sole head of households. Syrian families have increased stress, child labor, debt, and strained relationships with host communities.

The report found that family reunification should be considered an essential component to responding to the Syrian crisis.


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