Proposed New, Historically Low Limit on Refugee Admissions Requires Your Urgent Action

Proposed New, Historically Low Limit on Refugee Admissions Requires Your Urgent Action!

As has been widely reported, the Administration plans to cap refugee resettlement at 30,000 for Fiscal Year (FY) 2019, although there are over 65 million people displaced worldwide. This cap is even lower than the historically low limit of 45,000 that had been set for this year. Notably, due to the Administration’s handling of admissions, the number of refugees actually admitted to the United States this year (FY18) will likely reach only approximately 22,000. To date, only 49 Syrians have been resettled in the US. The Multifaith Alliance for Syria Refugees (MFA) strongly believes that this violates our fundamental American values, and diminishes our standing as a nation that welcomes those fleeing persecution and violence – such as Syrians and others caught up in war torn countries.

It is critical to note that, by law, this is not final until there has been consultation with Congress with respect to the limit set by this “Presidential Determination.” Moreover, numerous members of Congress have expressed their outrage at this shockingly low limit on refugee admissions. In addition, a Resolution has just been introduced in the House of Representatives that would require a higher limit on refugee admissions.

Public pressure is critical if we are to convince additional legislators to join this effort, and raise their voices against the admissions cap and the way the refugee program has been targeted.

We are asking your help in urging Congress to insist that at least 75,000 refugees be settled in the coming year — of which 10,000 should be Syrians. We’ve provided below the number for you to call your Senators and Representatives along with a possible script.

Thank you for help with this urgent effort.


1-202-225-3121 to be connected to your 2 Senators and 1 Representative

Sample Script: "I'm your constituent from [CITY/TOWN], and I do not support the Administration’s proposed 30,000 cap on refugee resettlement. It does not reflect American values and it ignores the plight of Syrian refugees and other beleaguered refugees around the world. Refugee resettlement advances U.S. diplomatic, national security, and foreign policy interests. This is an issue that is very important to me. Since the White House is required to consult with Congress prior to finalizing the refugee admissions number, I am calling to urge Senator X or Representative Y to do everything in his/her power to pressure the Administration to resettle at least 75,000 refugees in 2019 (of which 10,000 should be Syrians). Thank you.


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