Call To Action — Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act

Call To Action — Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act

There's a new Congress just sworn in and a new focus on the crisis in Syria. Won't you help us ask members of the House and Senate to pass the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act this week?

The bill imposes comprehensive sanctions on the Assad government and its allies for human rights abuses and attacks against Syrian civilians by prohibiting the transfer of arms and materials to Syria that would likely be used to commit those crimes. It also highlights the atrocities carried out by Assad and his allies, compelling accountability for these crimes by guaranteeing the collection and preservation of evidence for human rights abuses that have taken place in Syria. Moreover, it requires a 90-day administration review of potentially establishing a no-fly zone to protect Syrian civilians caught up in the war.

Why Now?

We need your help -- and fast! The Senate's debate on Caesar (S.1) will begin Tuesday, Jan 8, with a vote later in the week. Likewise, the House will vote on Caesar (HR.31) Thursday, Jan.10 to move the legislation through its chamber (for the third time).

With uncertainty around the future of U.S. strategy in Syria, it's even more important that Congress send a strong message that human rights and civilian protection remain at the core of American interests in the Middle East.

Please take action today by calling your House member and your two Senators and tell them that passage of this legislation matters to you.

Find your Senator here and Representative here.


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