Brightness of Noon — Dr. Georgette Bennett and Shadi Martini Appear in Documentary on ABC

February 16, 2019


‘Brightness of Noon’ — Dr. Georgette Bennett and Shadi Martini Appear in Documentary on ABC


Dr. Georgette Bennett – MFA Founder – and Shadi Martini – MFA Director of Humanitarian Relief and Regional Relations appear in 'Brightness of Noon,’ a new documentary about the intersect of faith and migration


Brightness of Noon: The Intersect of Faith, Immigration and Refugees is a two-part documentary, highlighting the stories of undocumented immigrants and refugees- who fled economic despair and unfathomable violence only to face an uncertain future in the United States – and the faith groups who are posing a question to us all, “Are we willing to take some risks in order to protect human life and basic rights?”

The second half of the documentary shares the compassionate response of the majority of major faith-based institutions toward asylum seekers and refugees and includes interviews from MFA Founder, Dr. Georgette Bennett and MFA Director of Humanitarian Relief and Regional Relations, Shadi Martini. Part two of the series begins airing on Sunday, February 17th on ABC.


Click here to see when Brightness of Noon will be airing near you and to watch Part One of the series now.





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