MFA Honors Spring Holidays

Happy Spring Equinox!

The March equinox, also known as spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and as the autumnal equinox in the Southern Hemisphere, marks the changing of seasons and many religious and non-religious holidays across the world.

At a time of such great turmoil around the world, when we need to come together more than ever before, MFA is honored to wish a very happy holiday to all those celebrating the many festivals this week, including Nowruz, Holi, Purim, Ostara, and more. May this time of celebration help renew our energy and commitment to helping those in such great need.

Here are some of the festivals happening this week:

Bahá'í Naw-Rúz

Naw-Rúz is the first day of the Bahá'í calendar year coinciding near the spring equinox. It is one of nine holy days of the Bahá'í faith. Naw-Rúz is observed with meetings for prayer and music and dancing. Nowruz is also the celebration of the traditional Iranian new year holiday and is celebrated throughout the countries of the Middle East and Central Asia.


Holi is an ancient Hindu festival that celebrates the arrival of spring. It is also well-known for Rangwali Holi — a festival of colors, where people paint each other with Ringwali powder. In 2019, Holi begins on Wednesday, March 20th and continues until March 21st.


Purim is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the saving of the Jewish people as recorded in the Biblical Book of Esther. It is marked by the custom of dressing up in costumes and wearing masks.

Purim is also known as the Festival of Lots. In 2019, Purim begins on Wednesday, March 20th and continues until March 21st.


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