The Muslim and refugee bans put in place by the current Administration have clearly caused heartache, travel, financial, and a wide range of other problems for those prohibited from entering the US. In addition, they have contributed to the increase of Islamophobia and racism across the nation. While the Supreme Court upheld the validity of the President’s travel ban last June in Trump v. Hawaii, the new Congress has been hard at work to rectify this decision and to respond to other discriminatory acts that have gone into effect.

This April, Senator Chris Coons (D.DE.) and Congresswoman Judy Chu (D.CA.) plan on introducing The No Ban on Refugees Act. The legislation includes rescission of all five Executive Orders that used Immigrations and Nationality Act Section 212(f) as a basis to broadly ban and discriminate including Muslim/Refugee Bans 1.0 & 2.0, Muslim Ban 3.0, Refugee Ban 3.0, and the Asylum Ban. In addition, the legislation would amend Section 212(f) to prevent its future discriminatory use, while preserving the authority to ban human rights abusers.


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