Humanitarian Relief | 537 Families Served in Northwest Syria

In April 2019, an MFA container of humanitarian relief was distributed to 5 internally displaced persons (IDP) camps in northwest Syria, serving 537 families with emergency supplies— including mujadara meals, basic hygiene supplies, and water purification kits.

In northwest Syria, there are some 2.7 million people in need. This includes an estimated 1.8 million internally displaced persons (IDP), many of whom have been displaced multiple times.

Qartaba camp is one such IDP camp. It is located near the village of Bartabo in northwestern Aleppo. The camp is home to some 400 displaced people that lack access to basic goods and services.

MFA's humanitarian aid distribution, in partnership with GlobalMedic of Canada and the Turkey-based Syrian non-profit Watan Rise, covered all of the Qatarba camp by providing emergency food and water purification kits, especially to the people displaced from rural Hama and Maraat al-Numaan in Idlib.

"My name is Amin Abd al-Karim. I was displaced from Al-Ghab [northwestern Hama]. We left because of the severe bombardments. We couldn't stay in that area anymore. Because we left with nothing, our needs are many. We are newly displaced. We left with nothing. Ramadan is coming soon. Our needs are many— tents, food, and [other] basic supplies."

How You Can Help!

You can support our work today by making an online donation or learning more about sponsoring your own container of relief supplies through our Fund A Container program.


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