Important Facts About the Syrian War Today

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11 Important Facts About the Syrian War Today

• Idlib is the last bastion of the opposition that remains outside the control of the Assad regime. Due to people who have fled fighting elsewhere in Syria, Idlib’s population has swollen from 1 million to more than 3 million.

• Russian and Syrian forces have deliberately attacked medical facilities. In recent weeks, there have been at least 25 attacks on hospitals, some with banned weapons including barrel bombs and incendiary devices – weapons with wide-area impact.

• Towns and villages throughout Idlib province that have resisted extremism are now coming under fire.

• Thousands of acres of vital crops in Northern Syria have been burned during the recent fighting, creating a humanitarian crisis, and turning food into a weapon of war.

• Five markets and six centers house the White Helmets — the Syrian Civil Defence Force — have also been attacked.

• Due to the bombing, more than 250,000 people have been forced to flee their homes.

• Many refugees are living in the opening, moving from place to place, and often without any shelter, tents, or facilities, like toilets and kitchens.

• Thousands of people are struggling to access adequate food, water and other basic necessities. Aid organizations are being stretched to the breaking point and will continue to struggle to deal with such large numbers of people.

• Being displaced is not only leaving your home, your possessions, and friends and surroundings. For children, it also means losing their school, their stability, the places they feel safe — and studies report children who have been uprooted five or more times.

• Since this most recent displacement, many parents and guardians are reporting that children are showing signs of psychosocial distress — unusual crying and screaming, having nightmares or great difficulty sleeping.

• On June 4th at the UN, Russia blocked a Security Council statement criticizing the Assad Regime’s campaign on Idlib.

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