Humanitarian Relief | 5,142 People Served in Northwest Syria Amid Bombing

In May 2019, an MFA container of humanitarian relief was distributed to 7 internally displaced persons (IDP) camps and 3 health clinics in northwest Syria. The container served 5,142 people — or 891 families — with emergency supplies, including mujadara meals, basic hygiene supplies, and water purification kits.

In response to continued violence in northwest Syria, MFA has continued to distribute emergency humanitarian relief to recently displaced Syrians that are in dire need of help.

The distributions provided emergency food, hygiene supplies, and water purification kits to seven IDP camps and 3 health clinics in the Afrin area of northwest Syria. During the May distribution campaigns, 5,142 people — or 891 — families received relief supplies.

The majority of the people arrived to Afrin near the Turkish border from Hama and Al-Ghab plain. They were forced to flee in recent weeks due to the bombardments and the difficult living conditions. The camp residents are poor families, most of whom had depended on agriculture and livestock for their livelihoods, and have lost their lands and crops due to the conflict.

There have been more than 330,000 displacements from Idlib to northwest Syria in the past two months and half, according to recent UN reports. Despite a ceasefire zone agreed between Russia and Turkey last year, Idlib has again seen airstrikes and shelling on the province. According to Reuters reporting, at least 544 civilians have been killed and over 2,000 people injured since a Russian-led assault on the last rebel bastion in northwest Syria began two months ago.

In addition to the massive displacement, the recent escalation has also included the targeting of civilian and humanitarian infrastructure. Since April, there have been 30 attacks reported on 27 health facilities which resulted in the death of nine individuals, according to reports.

For the humanitarian relief distribution campagins, MFA partnered with GlobalMedic of Canada and the Turkey-based Syrian non-profit Watan Rise.

Families received emergency food kits: a tasty and nutritious meal kit of a traditional Syrian dish, mujadarra, consisting of bulgur, lentils, and onions. The dish takes 20 minutes to prepare and each kit feeds 6 people.

In addition, families received a water purification kit to provide easy access to clean drinking water. Each kit can provide a family with roughly one year of water. The kit also included basic hygiene supplies — like soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and oral rehydration sachets.

How You Can Help!

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