Humanitarian Relief | 5,568 People Served in Idlib's IDP Camps

In June and July 2019, an MFA container of humanitarian relief was distributed to families living in 7 displaced persons camps outside of Idlib in northwest Syria. The container served 5,568 people — or 1,200 families — with relief supplies, including water purification kits, mujadara meal kits, and hygiene supplies.

There are more than 3 million people in need in northwest Syria. Making conditions worse, violence continues unabated. Since the end of April, more than 700 people have been killed and some 3,500 people have been injured. The impact of hostilities on women and children, who make up for the 76 percent of the total population, is particularly severe.

Hundreds of thousands of civilians have been forced to flee their homes to escape the violence. Between May and July alone, there have been more than 450,000 displacements. The majority of those who are displaced are moving to densely-populated areas where humanitarian assistance is over-stretched.

1,200 Syrian Families Served

In partnership with Gift of the Givers and GlobalMedic, MFA served served 5,568 people — or 1,200 families — living in displaced persons camps outside Idlib in northwest Syria in June and July 2019.

The relief supply distributions prioritized displaced people living in tents, widows, families with orphans, families without breadwinners, and people living with disabilities. In the areas Idlib, there is a shortage of schools, sanitation problems, and a general lack of relief support. The camps include thousands of displaced people from the countryside of Damascus, Hama, Homs, and Latakia. Due to the recent bombings in northern Hama, the number of displaced people arriving to this area continues to increase.

Lack of Education for Displaced Children Displacement often has a damaging and long-lasting impact on children and youth. The Syrian crisis has had a devastating impact on the education opportunities available.

"My children never went to school, and I can not afford to send them," said a mother living in a camp visited by Gift of the Givers. The mother’s three boys are unable to read or write. “I can’t afford the cost of pens or notebooks. I have no money or any support,” said the mother. “They only help me. I can’t do anything for them.”

Displaced communities remain significantly underserved, with most displaced persons camps having insufficient or non-existent education services. Moreover, schools in displaced and returnee receiving communities have limited absorption capacity for newly arriving students, causing overcrowding. A 2018 OCHA assessment of 226 camps in Aleppo and Idlib revealed that 73 per cent of camps and settlements have no education services at all, showing no improvement from 2017.

The lack of safety remains a critical barrier to children’s access to education. Since the crisis started in 2011, there have been more than 762 reported attacks on education. “We have yet to experience this much distress yet in Idlib,” said Dr. Ahmed Ghandour at Al-Rahma Hospital. Water Purification Kits, Meal Kits, and Hygiene Supplies

MFA and its partners distributed 1,535 water purification kits with hygiene supplies, 560 meal kits, and 9,600 bars of soap during the campaigns in June and July 2019.

Using P&G technology, GlobalMedic developed a water purification kits to provide easy access to clean drinking water. Just one P&G packet turns 10 liters of dirty, potentially deadly water into clean and drinkable water. Each P&G kit can purify 2,400 liters of water. In addition as part of the kits, families received basic hygiene supplies like soap bars, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and drinking cups.

GlobalMedic developed a tasty and nutritious meal kit of a traditional Syrian dish, mujadarra, consisting of bulgur, lentils, and onions. Inside each plastic bucket, there are 14 mujadarra meal kits. The dish takes 20 minutes to prepare and each kit feeds 6 people.

How You Can Help!

You can support our work today by making an online donation or learning more about sponsoring your own container of relief supplies through our Fund A Container program.

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