Humanitarian Relief | Clothing for 1,900 Girls in Kawergosk Refugee Camp in Northern Iraq

In August 2019, an MFA container of children's clothing was distributed to 1,900 girls living in Kawergosk refugee camp in northern Iraq.

Just twenty-five minutes outside the capital city of Erbil in the Kurdish Region of northern Iraq, Kawergosk refugee camp is home to some 7,900 thousand Syrian refugees that have fled the crisis.

In August 2019, an MFA container of children's clothing served 1,900 girls living in the camp. Each girl received a bag that included two items of clothing, from dresses and animal-embroidered sweatshirts to warm pullovers and colorful tees. The clothing was gifted to girls as young as 3-months-old to up to 14-years-old.

For the clothing distribution, MFA worked with PASS and the Barzani Charity Foundation, a non-profit working in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to provide humanitarian assistance to refugees, internally displaced people, and local people in need.

Kawergosk Refugee Camp

The Kurdistan Region of Iraq currently hosts over 1 million internally displaced persons and refugees. Of the 275,000 refugees in the region, the overwhelming majority— 250,000 people —are Syrians. Kawergosk refugee camp outside of Erbil was established in August 2013 by the UNHCR to accommodate people from Qamishli, Syria, who had fled due to the rising instability and armed conflict. It is one of seven refugee camps in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq.

At its height, the camp was home to some 13,000 people, when originally planned to host just 8,750 residents. Today, 7,910 people live in Kawergosk refugee camp, with the majority 75 per cent women and children.

The camp provides shelter and basic services to the thousands of Syrians who have fled the crisis that, nine years on, continues to devastate the country.

How You Can Help!

You can support our work today by making an online donation or learning more about sponsoring your own container of relief supplies through our Fund A Container program.

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