Support The GRACE Act

Support The GRACE Act

This year the United States will have allowed less than 30,000 refugees to resettle in the US. Moreover, we are looking at the possibility of the Trump Administration seeking to completely zero out all resettlement possibilities in the upcoming year. This puts in danger the world’s already most vulnerable groups including Syrians so desperate to flee their country’s nine-year war.

The GRACE Act, a bicameral bill introduced by Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D.CA.) in the House of Representatives and Senator Ed Markey (D.MA.) in the Senate, seeks to restore American’s strong tradition of a robust quota of 95,000 refugees being permitted to resettle in the US each year.

Send an email to your legislators with one click.

Help MFA gain support for this important bill. Tell Congress to ensure that the U.S. admits at least 95,000 refugees each year by supporting The #GRACEActNow. Click the Find Legislators link below to send a tailored message to your legislators in support of this vital bill.

On behalf of Syrian refugees everywhere, thank you.


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